Centerline Machine in central Wisconsin is a leader in abrasive waterjet material processing.

Our Omax 120X-2 Jet Machining Center is one of the largest and most capable waterjet machines in the region. In addition, we have the smaller Omax 55100 Water Jet waterjet metal parts machine which allows our highly skilled operators to match capabilities to requirements for the most cost-effective solution.


  • Waterjet material processing is a unique and powerful technology that offers the following benefits:
  • Shapes and patterns can be cut from virtually any material including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, alloy metals, copper, brass, plastics and fibrous materials
  • No heat-affected zones or mechanical stresses are created during cutting
  • Material is used efficiently
  • Smooth edge cutting reduces the need for secondary operations

A-Jet-Head - metal waterjet machining

Our two waterjet machining centers feature:

  • Tilt-A-Jet capability for square edges
  • Dual heads and 5-axis capability
  • X-Y cutting travel of 10’ X 32’ and thickness capacity up to 7”
  • Flexibility to cut severe angles up to 60°