Certified Quality

At Centerline Machine, quality assurance is a core element of our company culture and plays an integral role in every metal machining project we handle.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system is the product of sound practices, strong leadership and continuous team effort.

We employ PC-DMIS CAD ++ software and maintain a climate-controlled metrology lab equipped with advanced measurement technology including:

  • Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage CMM
    (X-900 Y-2000 Z-840)
  • Tesastar TKJ Motorized Probe Head
  • EXCEL High-Res Vision System

Count on Centerline Machine to consistently deliver a precision product of measurable quality on time, every time.

centerline machine ISO 9001-2015

TesaStar-Motorized-Probe-Head-1200w - Centerline Machine, Waupaca, Wis.
The Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage is a high-precision gauging system which is considered the most advanced product of its kind. The TESASTAR TKJSM (shown above) motorized probe head provides fast, repeatable indexing and 2,952 unique probe positions. Centerline Machine utilizes the complete set of LSP-X1s scanning probes to complement this head.